First Love Letter

This was my first letter to My Girl. She didn’t tell me how she felt after reading it, but I was so happy when I wrote it.

So today, I am trying to relive those ecstatic moments again by writing them in my blog and sharing some of the excerpts from that letter.

Here it goes:

I love you.

I know I have told you this many times, but no matter how many times I tell you that I love you it still feels not enough.

So I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

I am madly in love with you. Right now all I can think is that moment when we will meet, that beautiful moment when I can actually touch you, that awesome moment when I actually can kiss you. That beautiful moment when you will be in my arms. That moment when we will be so engrossed in each other that the time will come to a standstill.

That moment when our eyes will meet and we will be two love birds who are inseparable. I can only imagine those beautiful moments when we will be together and will be into each other.

I am so mad about you that I can fight anyone for you Its just you who I need to be with me. I don’t think anyone can defeat our love. I know sometimes I can be very grumpy or sad but that is again because all I can do is talk to you over the phone.

The actual letter was very long and have some sections which can’t be shared. But writing a love letter has its own charm. Expressing your feelings to someone special by writing it on a piece of paper is simply awesome.

I believe if you love someone and feel so strongly about them, it’s better to express your feelings rather than keeping mum, and what special way than writing a love letter. 🙂


But if by any chance you (My Girl) are reading this blog, then please forgive me and come back. I am SORRY.


Gaurav Gupta




Happiness. This is one word which has a different meaning for different individuals at different stages of their lives.

Happiness cannot be defined. You can feel happiness in numerous ways. Talking to the person you love the most, doing the things you are passionate about, exploring new things, writing, painting. The list of things that can make a person happy can go on and on.

I am away from home, family and my love. So for me having the home cooked food with my mother’s recipe is a great source of happiness.

I made this Salty Rawa (Upma) while talking to my mom on the phone. Like always, she guided me how to make this dish. And having this dish with my housemates and getting compliments for the same from them has made me proud and happy both at the same time.

Posting this blog as I wanted to share my happiness with the fellow bloggers and the rest of the world. Because someone once said to me “Happiness grow manifolds if it is shared with others”.

P.S – Inbox me if anyone wants the recipe of the dish.


Gaurav Gupta

Happy Valentines Day

It is early morning and I am still sleeping, dreaming about my girl. Suddenly my phone beeps. I have received one Whatsapp message. Hurrah!! My girl has pinged me.

(Whatsapp Chat)

My Girl : Hey, Happy valentines day. Thanks for flowers n chocolate.

Without wasting any time I called her on Whatsapp. She didn’t pick the call. She is still mad at me. She is still upset with me.

(Whatsapp Chat)

Me : Please talk to me for 2 mins, so that I can wish you.

MG : I am not going to talk to you. Whatever you have to say, ping me on here only.

Me : Happy valentines day dear. Hope you liked the gift.

MG : Flowers are nice. But I am just being nice. So leave it there. I am still mad at you.

I was happy, that at least she liked my gift and I praised myself that well done!!

I wished her Happy Valentines day again and said goodbye. This small conversation has made my entire day or maybe my entire week. I was able to bring a smile on her face. Though she declined me to send her picture to me with those flowers, but still I am happy.

I know she is still mad at me and there is a long way for me to go before  I can mellow her completely. I have faith in my love, that one day we will be united again. We will be together again, until that day I have to give my best try to win her back.

Happy Valentines Day to all the readers. May your love be with you always. But if you are still single then love yourself.

My girl once told me “If you can’t love yourself and be happy with who you are then you can not keep anyone happy around you“.


Gaurav Gupta


Bad Omen

I don’t know why, but I get this dream way too often. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

Like most of the dreams, I don’t know where this one starts.

I and My Girl are walking hand in hand. I don’t recognize which place or city we are in, but it has to be somewhere down in south India as I don’t know what is written on the billboards of the shops around. There are not many people around us, so it is definitely a weekday. We are one happy couple, talking endlessly. We are wondering in the streets, looking into each others eyes and laughing and making beautiful plans for the future.

We are having a conversation, on how many kids we are going to have.

Me: You know, I always wanted 11 kids.

My Girl: (With an expression of shock on face)What? 11 kids. No way.

Me: But why? We will have our own cricket team. Our kids will never feel alone and we grow old we have lots of grandchildren to play with.

MG: Are you mad or what? No way we are having 11 kids. 1 will be enough.

After lots of chatting and friendly negotiations, we settled on 2 kids. I am happy, she is happy. We both are enjoying this beautiful phase after marriage. Our honeymoon is continuing. I looked at her, she looked at me and then blushed away. We continue to walk holding each other’s hand.

I stopped. I made a hand gesture to my girl to wait. I am standing facing her and walking backwards so that I can make hero style pose to tell my girl out loud that how much I love her. I didn’t realize that the pavement has ended and I was standing on the road. As I was about to make a pose, a big truck comes out of nowhere and hits me. I am sub-conscious, I can hear her shouting my name and calling out people for help.

On the hospital table, I woke up. But it was only me, my body didn’t get up with me. I think I am dead. I woke and started searching for my girl. There she is sitting in the hospital hallway. Her clothes stained in blood, my blood. She is crying. I ran towards her, but I can’t touch her. She is still crying. Doctor came in, looked at her with a heavy face.

He said something in her ears and she started crying even more. Probably he told her about my demise. She is crying and I can’t see that beautiful face in tears.

And suddenly I woke up from my dream. I am sweating profusely, out of breath and worried. Wondering what does this dream means. What does future hold for both of us?

I get this dream a lot. Can anyone tell, why my soul is not at peace?


Gaurav Gupta


I was waiting. I was waiting for the flight to land, constantly toggling between the aircraft’s flight path and some masala Bollywood movie. I just wanted the flight to land at the Kempegowda International Airport as soon as possible. I had to wait for 3 months for this moment to arrive and now I could not wait another 3 minutes. The flight landed and I had to wait for everyone else to de-board the flight as I was sitting in the last seat of the aircraft.

I rushed down and made a dash towards the immigration check desk, there was a queue and again I had to wait for my turn. I was getting impatient. My turn came and immigration officer looked at me and I smiled back, he checked my passport and started filling some form in his computer. Meanwhile, I was busy planning that how will I meet her?, What will I say when I will meet her, immigration officer shouted my name and my dream broke. He handed the passport and I again made a dash towards exit. Then I remember I had to change clothes. I had planned that I will meet her in a suit and tie. The attire was kept at the top of my luggage. I went to wash room. The wait to meet her was getting longer and longer. I changed hurriedly, but then I realized I had to make a knot of my tie. I cursed my self, but then I had to be in a tie and suit when I meet her for the first time. I make that knot, did the final checks and then my phone rang.

I knew it was her, she was also waiting for me outside the Airport. She asked “Where are you? Your flight landed quite a while back”. I can’t tell her that I was getting dressed to meet her. I said “I am just waiting for my luggage and will come out of Airport in another 5 mins”.

Then I had to rush. I was really getting impatient now. I went to collect my luggage. And bags kept on rolling in front of my eyes but my bag didn’t arrive. I waited and waited and my bag was nowhere to be seen. Seeing me getting impatient one of the airport staff member arrived. He asked “How may I help you sir?”. I explained him my situation and he said “Sir this section is for Domestic flights your bag would be on next conveyor belt which is for International passengers”. I felt so dumb. I ran towards that conveyor belt and bingo there was my luggage. I collected the trolley and put my luggage on it and started following the exit signs.

I came out, my eyes were searching my girl. I didn’t knew how will I react when I will meet her for the first time. I was searching for her, and there she was. Jumping with joy waving at me and my heart skipped a beat again. I just wanted to hug her, but the feeling that I was finally meeting her was so surreal that I could only mutter “Please pinch me and if this is a dream let it be over right now” She touched me. my heart was beating so fast.

My wait was finally over.


Gaurav Gupta



Ajeeb sa Dard hai jo bas hota hai..

Mehsus karta hun, koshish karta hun samajhne ki kaha ho raha hai,

Lekin ye dard bas hota hai…

Kuch meetha meetha sa, kuch jana anjaana..

Kabhi dheere, kabhi tez,

Ye kambhakhat dard bas hota hai…

Ae dard tu hi bata, kya karu me tera?

Kya hai maksad, kya ilaaj hai tera..


Gaurav Gupta