I was waiting. I was waiting for the flight to land, constantly toggling between the aircraft’s flight path and some masala Bollywood movie. I just wanted the flight to land at the Kempegowda International Airport as soon as possible. I had to wait for 3 months for this moment to arrive and now I could not wait another 3 minutes. The flight landed and I had to wait for everyone else to de-board the flight as I was sitting in the last seat of the aircraft.

I rushed down and made a dash towards the immigration check desk, there was a queue and again I had to wait for my turn. I was getting impatient. My turn came and immigration officer looked at me and I smiled back, he checked my passport and started filling some form in his computer. Meanwhile, I was busy planning that how will I meet her?, What will I say when I will meet her, immigration officer shouted my name and my dream broke. He handed the passport and I again made a dash towards exit. Then I remember I had to change clothes. I had planned that I will meet her in a suit and tie. The attire was kept at the top of my luggage. I went to wash room. The wait to meet her was getting longer and longer. I changed hurriedly, but then I realized I had to make a knot of my tie. I cursed my self, but then I had to be in a tie and suit when I meet her for the first time. I make that knot, did the final checks and then my phone rang.

I knew it was her, she was also waiting for me outside the Airport. She asked “Where are you? Your flight landed quite a while back”. I can’t tell her that I was getting dressed to meet her. I said “I am just waiting for my luggage and will come out of Airport in another 5 mins”.

Then I had to rush. I was really getting impatient now. I went to collect my luggage. And bags kept on rolling in front of my eyes but my bag didn’t arrive. I waited and waited and my bag was nowhere to be seen. Seeing me getting impatient one of the airport staff member arrived. He asked “How may I help you sir?”. I explained him my situation and he said “Sir this section is for Domestic flights your bag would be on next conveyor belt which is for International passengers”. I felt so dumb. I ran towards that conveyor belt and bingo there was my luggage. I collected the trolley and put my luggage on it and started following the exit signs.

I came out, my eyes were searching my girl. I didn’t knew how will I react when I will meet her for the first time. I was searching for her, and there she was. Jumping with joy waving at me and my heart skipped a beat again. I just wanted to hug her, but the feeling that I was finally meeting her was so surreal that I could only mutter “Please pinch me and if this is a dream let it be over right now” She touched me. my heart was beating so fast.

My wait was finally over.


Gaurav Gupta



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