Bad Omen

I don’t know why, but I get this dream way too often. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

Like most of the dreams, I don’t know where this one starts.

I and My Girl are walking hand in hand. I don’t recognize which place or city we are in, but it has to be somewhere down in south India as I don’t know what is written on the billboards of the shops around. There are not many people around us, so it is definitely a weekday. We are one happy couple, talking endlessly. We are wondering in the streets, looking into each others eyes and laughing and making beautiful plans for the future.

We are having a conversation, on how many kids we are going to have.

Me: You know, I always wanted 11 kids.

My Girl: (With an expression of shock on face)What? 11 kids. No way.

Me: But why? We will have our own cricket team. Our kids will never feel alone and we grow old we have lots of grandchildren to play with.

MG: Are you mad or what? No way we are having 11 kids. 1 will be enough.

After lots of chatting and friendly negotiations, we settled on 2 kids. I am happy, she is happy. We both are enjoying this beautiful phase after marriage. Our honeymoon is continuing. I looked at her, she looked at me and then blushed away. We continue to walk holding each other’s hand.

I stopped. I made a hand gesture to my girl to wait. I am standing facing her and walking backwards so that I can make hero style pose to tell my girl out loud that how much I love her. I didn’t realize that the pavement has ended and I was standing on the road. As I was about to make a pose, a big truck comes out of nowhere and hits me. I am sub-conscious, I can hear her shouting my name and calling out people for help.

On the hospital table, I woke up. But it was only me, my body didn’t get up with me. I think I am dead. I woke and started searching for my girl. There she is sitting in the hospital hallway. Her clothes stained in blood, my blood. She is crying. I ran towards her, but I can’t touch her. She is still crying. Doctor came in, looked at her with a heavy face.

He said something in her ears and she started crying even more. Probably he told her about my demise. She is crying and I can’t see that beautiful face in tears.

And suddenly I woke up from my dream. I am sweating profusely, out of breath and worried. Wondering what does this dream means. What does future hold for both of us?

I get this dream a lot. Can anyone tell, why my soul is not at peace?


Gaurav Gupta


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