Happy Valentines Day

It is early morning and I am still sleeping, dreaming about my girl. Suddenly my phone beeps. I have received one Whatsapp message. Hurrah!! My girl has pinged me.

(Whatsapp Chat)

My Girl : Hey, Happy valentines day. Thanks for flowers n chocolate.

Without wasting any time I called her on Whatsapp. She didn’t pick the call. She is still mad at me. She is still upset with me.

(Whatsapp Chat)

Me : Please talk to me for 2 mins, so that I can wish you.

MG : I am not going to talk to you. Whatever you have to say, ping me on here only.

Me : Happy valentines day dear. Hope you liked the gift.

MG : Flowers are nice. But I am just being nice. So leave it there. I am still mad at you.

I was happy, that at least she liked my gift and I praised myself that well done!!

I wished her Happy Valentines day again and said goodbye. This small conversation has made my entire day or maybe my entire week. I was able to bring a smile on her face. Though she declined me to send her picture to me with those flowers, but still I am happy.

I know she is still mad at me and there is a long way for me to go before  I can mellow her completely. I have faith in my love, that one day we will be united again. We will be together again, until that day I have to give my best try to win her back.

Happy Valentines Day to all the readers. May your love be with you always. But if you are still single then love yourself.

My girl once told me “If you can’t love yourself and be happy with who you are then you can not keep anyone happy around you“.


Gaurav Gupta



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