Happiness. This is one word which has a different meaning for different individuals at different stages of their lives.

Happiness cannot be defined. You can feel happiness in numerous ways. Talking to the person you love the most, doing the things you are passionate about, exploring new things, writing, painting. The list of things that can make a person happy can go on and on.

I am away from home, family and my love. So for me having the home cooked food with my mother’s recipe is a great source of happiness.

I made this Salty Rawa (Upma) while talking to my mom on the phone. Like always, she guided me how to make this dish. And having this dish with my housemates and getting compliments for the same from them has made me proud and happy both at the same time.

Posting this blog as I wanted to share my happiness with the fellow bloggers and the rest of the world. Because someone once said to me “Happiness grow manifolds if it is shared with others”.

P.S – Inbox me if anyone wants the recipe of the dish.


Gaurav Gupta

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