I want to become a HouseWife


As the title and the visual in the blog depicts, this is the true state of my mind.

I know this may sound a bit weird, but I want to become a House Wife. I want that when My Girl comes back from office after a hectic day, I ask her “How was your day?”. I ask her if I should make her a coffee or tea. Then after the hot beverage, I should demand a sweet kiss. Then I should serve her hot dinner and I should then tell her about my day and all its events. What all shopping I did, what all cheap bargain I get and all other gossips I heard.

In the night, she should cuddle me. Ask me if I am happy. Wake me up in the middle of the night, start kissing me madly and make hot love with me.

In the morning again, I wake early and make breakfast for her and kiss her goodbye for office.

I want her to take care of me while I can be the homemaker. I dream of my whole life revolving around My Girl. All my happiness, sorrows, dramas should be for her. If I am happy it should be with her. If I am crying, it should be with her. If we are going out for lunch or dinner then she should order for me, pay all the bills as I sit back and relax.

And actually, she should come to my house to ask for my hand from my parents 😛

Wait. If while reading this blog you are thinking I am a crack head, then let me clarify. I am straight,  I am well earning, I like booze and hanging out with my friends. But again as the visual says some days I am so focussed on my career and some other days, I just want to quit it all and bake things.

At the end of the day, all I want is to be happy and spent the rest of my days on Earth with My Girl.

So fellow bloggers and readers please pray for my wish to come true.

P.S – This picture was sent to me by My Girl.


Gaurav Gupta


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