Shahi Paneer

It’s already looking very delicious. Water is just dripping out of my mouth. For those of you who don’t know, this dish is called SHAHI PANEER.

This is a north Indian dish made with paneer (cottage cheese), and tomato based spicy gravy laced with some hot Indian spices.

I have cooked after a long time. Actually, I have eaten properly after a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was eating it and water was not just dripping out of my mouth but also from my nose, because of all those hot spices.

Am I turning into a proper housewife who loves cooking new dishes and loves experimenting? Although the dish is not new but I was cooking it for the first time and according to my roommate, it was near perfect šŸ™‚

I don’t know when I will cook for myself again, maybe after a month or so. But till that time I want to savour the taste of this dish in my mouth.

Happy cooking fellow bloggers and readers.

P.S – Inbox me if anyone wants theĀ recipe of the dish.


Gaurav Gupta



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