How to Die?

I was busy doing some daily stuff. A voice broke the silence. It was the one of my junior from college.

He was the same junior that wrote me that letter, which I shared in the last blog. He had travelled all the way from Varanasi to Delhi to come and meet me. I prepared some tea and sandwich for him and we started chatting. He was telling some old college stories, some old college jokes. Then suddenly he asked something and I was startled.

He jokingly asked me “Sir, what would be the most painful way to die? To take one’s own life?”

What is the most painful way to die? I thought to myself the answer would be easy, but believe me, when I say it is not at all easy.

My first answer was sleeping pills. Right, what would be painful than poison? Eat and die. But as it turns out it is not easy. An overdose of sleeping pills will likely cause massive shock and pain because your heart will fail before the drug’s sedative effects take hold. Your body is also likely to throw up the poison, leaving you with enough of the drug to kill you, but not enough to do so quickly. Then you will have a drawn out death via liver or kidney failure.

My second answer would have been shooting you in the head, but as guns are not readily available you can use a knife to cut any significant vein or artery. But as it turns it is not easy as well. Five percent of those shot in the head will survive while a large portion of the remaining 95% doesn’t die instantly. Instead, they will slowly and painfully bleed out or die of other painful complications. Theoretically, it sounds good. But practically, a bullet or knife is not a good way to die.

My third answer would be drowning in the water. But as it turns out it was also a myth. Studies show humans are incapable of taking their own life. A drowning victim will hold their breath for as long as they can once submerge and this will be between 30 and 90 seconds. At this point, they inhale water, cough, splutter, and inhale some more. The water within the lungs prevents gas exchange and makes the airway seal shut. You will feel burning and tear in your chest before losing consciousness, something that can be very painful.

Then after very long and careful thought I concluded that a heartbreak is the most painful way to die. The victim dies slowly. First, his confidence gets shattered. He starts behaving undecided, unsure. Then slowly his pride also dies, fade and become a pale shadow of his bright past. At this stage, all the relatives also start leaving as nobody want to be a man who doesn’t know what to do. His personal life becomes zero. This also starts affecting his professional space. Slowly and surely he is deserted and lonely and suffocated. This way he is dying every day slowly and slowly. And surely one day the pain become so humongous that he chooses one of the above ways to end life and end the pain.

So fall in Love and get a heart break. That is the most painful way to die.

Personally, I don’t support someone taking their own life. If you start to truly contemplate suicide, talk to a loved one or get support.

But I this what I thought after listening to his question. though I didn’t reply.


Gaurav Gupta



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