Can we be “JUST FRIENDS”

Can we be “Just Friends”?

I guess many of us has faced this question at least once. If yes, then we all would have been in the same dilemma. What to reply, a Yes or a No.

I also faced this question. My Girl asked me the same question. I was heart broken.

How can we be “Just Friends”. If I talk to you for five minutes, at the sixth minute all I want to say is I Love You. When you are with me all I want to do is Kiss you. When you touch me, an electric buzz goes through my body. If I don’t hear your voice, I don’t feel easy.

How can you expect me to be “Just Friends” with you?

I cannot force you to love me. But I cannot force myself to unloved you. You are the single most important person in my life.

@My Girl take as much time as you want. I am going nowhere. You rule over me, and I like it that way. I don’t want to change. Either it’s you with whom I am going to spend my life or it will be your memories.

Love You 🙂


Gaurav Gupta



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