When I Meet You

It was the most beautiful moment of my life When I Meet You. The phrase When I Meet You itself contains so many moments.

The first time when I saw My Girl, my heart skipped a beat. She was looking like an angel send by god just for me.

The first time My Girl talked to me, something just clicked. If I hear My Girl’s voice a bad day suddenly becomes good day, all the negativities just disappear and everything becomes awesome. My Girl is simply awesome.

The first time I meet My Girl. For the whole day, I was just looking at her and admiring her beauty and grace.

The first time My Girl touched my soul. She was ready to sacrifice anything for me. Ready to fight the world for me. Ready to do anything for me. Nobody has done that for me. She made me feel important and significant. She loved me for who I am.

The first time I touch My Girl was also a magical moment. The first time My Girl smiled because of me. The first time I felt possessive about My Girl.

There are so many times When I Meet You over and over again. I have fallen in Love with you so many times. I have so many beautiful memories of My Girl. Even today if I am in pain those memories just bring a smile to my face.

I don’t need anything else. These memories, beautiful moments are enough for me to survive. I’ll live. Our love will live.

I Love you, My Girl


Gaurav Gupta






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