Loneliness – Good or Bad

I came across this question today on a social networking site. Is “Loneliness Good or Bad?

Well, I don’t have a definite answer to the question but I can anyways share my thoughts. For me personally, Loneliness is just a transient state. Where I am missing the most intense relationship of my life. The most important person in my life is not present. That is loneliness for me. Where I am not willing to be a part of any social group. But again as I said it is a transient state. I am sure when I will have that intense relationship back in my life that transient state or loneliness will fade away.

Loneliness, good or bad is a question still unanswered. For it works both ways. It has both pros and cons.

Being lonely can be actually very peaceful. Time and again I have got this advice from my friends that I can very well utilise this time to connect to myself. But honestly, I have no idea how to do it.

Yes, loneliness is very peaceful for me as all my emotions are right in front of me in the rawest forms. Though I don’t know how to handle them but still I have discovered that they exist. Earlier I used to be surrounded by family and friends and these emotions never came to the surface. Now that they are there I know I have to figure out a way to handle them. Maybe this is what connecting to one own self-means. But again what to do I care for. Interestingly as I have discovered the existence of all these new emotions, one most dominating one is “care for no one”. I am still not sure if it is an attitude thing or an emotional bit, but I am liking it. Because when I am in that “I don’t care mode” I actually don’t want to get out of it. I enjoy thrashing everything. Be it friendship, career, relations, health or any other thing. But then someone always does make me realize this is not right for me.

Then there is another side to loneliness as well. The depressing side. There are times when I miss family, friends, and My Girl. When I always want to just fly back home. When the pain at night becomes so intense that even crying for the whole night doesn’t help. It also invokes suicidal tendencies in me. I become so careless about my health that I don’t eat, sleep workout for days at a stretch.

But then again, this made me think on a different question. Is loneliness addictive in nature? Can someone be addicted to the feeling of being alone that they become scared of social groups, social gatherings, making new friends, exploring new places? I am not saying or indicating that this is what is happening with me. But yeah, that is an open question.

So yeah I can only put forward my thought that if loneliness is good or bad. I can’t actually decide.

Would like to hear from fellow bloggers what opinion they have about this question?


Gaurav Gupta


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