Job Interview

“Why do you want this job?”. I was day dreaming again and this question from the interviewer startled me. Back to reality.

Me : I want to be a part of the hospitality industry. I have heard a lot about this hotel and this place and I can see myself in a good position in this hotel after next 5 years.

The interviewer looked at me like he is scanning me. In my mind I thought, has he been able to guess that I have memorized that answer just for this question only.

Second Interviewer : I see that you have 3 years of work experience in IT industry, then why you want to join the hospitality industry?

I am not prepared for this question. “I want to take care of people”, I murmured.

Second Interviewer : What?

I said, “I love cooking and want to explore new things in life”. I continued in the same vein “Well, I like Dubai and as it is a new place I want to start fresh. I don’t want to continue in IT industry”. Yes, I was in Dubai giving an interview.

First Interviewer : You have been to onsite once in your short IT career. I assume you were good. Then why you want to change your field. In my mind, I was like how many more questions will they ask. Then I realized I am sitting in an interview.

Politely I said, ” I may be good in computer and stuff but I want to be best in the hospitality industry”. Both the interviewer looked impressed with the answer. It eased my nerves. I was feeling more comfortable.

After a few more easy questions comes one big daunting question.

First Interviewer : “But, why should we give you this job? For this industry, you don’t have any prior experience and we have more qualified candidates sitting outside waiting for their turn”

I was completely caught off guard there. Sweating a little. I raised my hands towards the glass of water. I was sipping water slowly, trying to come up with a quirky answer.

With a little hesitation in my voice, I said: “Can I tell a story here?”

Both the interviewer looked at each other and nodded in unison.

Me : Once I was traveling from London to Delhi. I was terribly missing my family and home, and I was crying a bit. A gentleman saw it. He came to me. Asked me if I was fine. I nodded. He gave me chocolate to eat and asked me not to worry. He advised me everything will be alright.

I continued with my story “This gesture touched my heart. I decided that I will never cry again and will make other people smile. And I think, I can achieve that objective in the hospitality industry”.

I still don’t know how I came up with this answer but the interviewers were surely impresssed. After few more gruelling questions they asked me to wait outside. I was sitting nervously outside, waiting for the results and for other candidates to finish their interview. After a while, both the interviewer came outside and announced that the successful candidate was “Me”. What?  How? I was so excited. I was on cloud nine. I patted on my back and said to myself “Mission accomplished”.

Dubai here I come.

P.S –  I was wanting this job because two days back, through a common friend I got to know that My Girl has left her job in India and shifted to Dubai. 🙂


Gaurav Gupta


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