Our Next Meeting

From the morning itself, I had that smile on my face. I don’t know why, but I was happy. Maybe because of nothing or maybe because of what was about to happen in near future.

It was a bright Sunday morning. I was resting on my couch listening to some soft music. Suddenly the door bell rang. I was feeling too lazy to get up and open the door. The doorbell rang again. I was expecting nobody. But still somehow I pull my lazy butt and opened the door.

I was amazed, surprised, happy. I was experiencing all those emotions at the same time.

She was standing right there. In an orange saree. Very light makeup. Hairs did properly, with a red streak of hair just falling over on her eyes. That perfect dimple she had when she smiled. She was smiling seeing me.

I wanted to say “Hi”. But all I could mutter was “WOW”.

Me : How are you?

Oh! I didn’t tell who was at my door. It was My Girl. I don’t know what was the reason of her visit. But she was there to meet me 🙂

My Girl : Hey! I am fine. How are you?

Me : I am good.

Her eyes just glanced into my apartment.

MG : Will you not invite me inside?

Me : Oh! I am sorry. Please come in.

After she came in, got settled on the couch. I straight away went to the kitchen to prepare some tea and get some snacks. I prepared the tea just the way she likes. 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon tea. The equal quantity of water and milk.

I served the tea and snacks. She was looking at my apartment. I don’t intend to brag but it is rather clean for a bachelor.

Me : So what’s up? You really surprised me.

MG : Yeah. I was in town. So I thought of visiting you.

I don’t know what to say. I wanted to say, ask so many things in that one moment. I wanted to tell her about my start up. I wanted to tell her how much I love her. I wanted to fight with her for leaving me just like that. I wanted to just hug her in that very moment and never let her go. But all I could say was “Ok”.

While she was sipping the tea she talked about her sister, who was pregnant. Her brother got a new job. And something about her cousins. Yes, she has an annoying number of cousins.

After she finished the tea, suddenly she got up and said: “I better get going”.

I just wanted to stop her and request her not to leave. But all I could manage was a goodbye wave. And just like out of the blue she came and just like that she left. I don’t know the meaning of this visit, but I am happy as I could see her once more.

It was a meeting of many unsaid words and much-unexpressed feelings.


Gaurav Gupta



Chicken and Lamb
Corn in Lamb Gravy

Had this awesome barbecue with friends. The weather was also sunny. Perfect to roast something in the backyard.

I am so full that I can’t eat anything more today. 😀


Gaurav Gupta