Dinner Date

It was a hectic day at work. A lot of work pressure. But somehow I managed to finish all the pending issues on time and I reached home on time. I thought My Girl would have been home by now and I would take her out for a romantic dinner date.

To my surprise, she was still not home. Maybe her day at the office was also heavy. What should I do now? I got a killer idea. If we can’t go out then I can cook something for her myself.

I prepared my famous sweet corn soup. We have wine and for supper, I cooked pasta. For dessert, we can have dairy milk chocolate. All set, I just have to wait for My Girl now.

I don’t know when I fall asleep waiting for her. When I woke up I realized someone was caressing my hair. Still half asleep I try to open my eyes. It was My Girl. She was standing right beside me and gently playing with my hair. I looked at her face. She was looking gorgeous as ever. Then I looked at the wall clock. It was 1 AM. Before I could ask anything, she kept her finger on my lips. I kissed her finger naughtily.

She has already seen all the preparations I had done for her. She was looking at me continuously and was smiling at the same time.Words didn’t matter in this beautiful moment

Words didn’t matter in this beautiful moment. Our eyes were talking. I poured her the wine. We had our meals together. Out of nowhere she hugged me tight. I hugged her back. That was a very beautiful moment.

This is me and my perfect dinner date with My Girl.

We all fight many battles every day. Battles at the workplace. Career battles, financial battles. Health issues and what not. I also do. But from morning to evening after all these hassles when I come home and see that My Girl is waiting for me. Smiling looking at me. It gives me energy and motivation to continue and overcome all the challenges next day.

P.S – I love you My Girl ❤


Gaurav Gupta


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