Some Times

Some Times, I just imagine you. A beautiful aura inside my head. At Times when I am sad, I see you in people, I try to hear you in a song, and I feel you in the wind as it brushes my hair, and I look at the empty sky.

Some Times, well most of the times, I wonder what went wrong? What separated us into you and me, two different souls. Once inseparable, and now parallel to each other. Never going to end up, together.

Some Times, I write about you. Some Times I write to you, hoping you still read my words, and not scroll down reading my name. I wonder if at all it moves you from the inside, because it moves me, every time. Wonder if you know these are just not fiction, but for you.

Some Times, I wonder, what it would have been? If we would have been together? If all had been worked out by us.

Some Times, I just want to give up. To be gone. To be left alone. To set me free. Isn’t that a good thing? Being myself for once? But I wonder, will I be complete without you?

But I know, someday you will be back, and that’s when I have to be there for you. So Some Times, I just think about those happy days, when we will be together, yet again.


P.S – This poem is dedicated to My Girl.


Gaurav Gupta


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