Broken Pieces

There are some broken poems I wrote for My Girl. She doesn’t care anymore. Can someone tell me what to do with them?


It’s a lonely and dark feeling when

someone you care about becomes a total stranger.


Another one:

A year has passed, A lot must have changed she thought.

But when their eyes met, nothing is changed they realised.


This one is not a poem but a situation.

The few times I was brave enough to send her a message, we started with a bland ‘hello’ and ended some three messages down with an ‘I’m busy. I’ll text you tomorrow.’ And I used to cry afterwards wondering if she was the very person I used to talk to for hours once upon a time.


This next one is just sad me talking to me.

There comes a time when you just stop searching for that one person because you know your heart has already found them. Even though they are not with you, they don’t belong to you, they love somebody else or sometimes they don’t even know that you love them. But in this life, you feel your eyes will not search for anyone else anymore. And when they are gone you just sit back and cherish those moments when you were with them. It’s a strange part of destiny when you meet that person, there is something in the universe which conspires to bring you close to that person, and from there on you realize that everything you have, you just want to share it with them, in short they become your universe and everything starts to revolve just around them.

If anybody knows what to do with them then do let me know.


Gaurav Gupta




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