Inner Peace

I recently met this word. “Inner Peace”. What is this Inner Peace? Where do we find Inner Peace? Interestingly, my best friend says Inner Peace is a vague term, which is very frequently used by us to avoid communication with the outer world.

If I define Inner Peace, then it would be me surrounded by family. I come back from work, and I see my family waiting for me. To ask me about my day. At the end of the day, they are your strength and they are the people who look after you at times of dissent and discord.

From the past one year that role for me has been taken over by My Girl. I used to come from office and talk to her for hours. She used to ask about My day and I used to ask about hers. She is the pillar of my strength. At all those times I was at peace with myself. I had that calmness around me. I have that Inner Peace.

So, in few words, if I try to describe, then Inner Peace is nothing but the Love and affection, the compassion that your loved ones have for you is what makes you at Peace and that’s what really is Inner Peace for me.

P.S – Readers, do let me know if you think otherwise or have any other opinion on the Inner Peace.


Gaurav Gupta


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