It’s really hard to let somebody go. The person you crave for, the person you need so badly, the person that makes you complete, the person who understands you.

I am not ready to let that somebody go. Also, I now have accepted that somebody doesn’t want me anymore. Yes, that somebody is My Girl. So I have convinced myself of two things, first that My Girl is no more mine in the real world and second that there is nothing as such love. Love is just a tool that people use to make a fool out of others.

So I am creating a Wonder Land for myself situated in Panglore. Where I can be with My Girl in my fantasy. I am hoping this will satisfy my craving for her. The need to see her will be subdued and My Girl can complete me in my Wonder Land.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, I and My Girl are on a long drive. Wanting to just escape the hustle of city life and be alone with each other. My Girl looks at me with a cute smile, as always just pulled my hair and then rested her head on my shoulder. The most awesome feeling ever to be with the person whom you care about the most.

My Girl : “I am hungry. Let’s stop somewhere and eat something”

I was also very hungry, I nodded in acceptance. Finding a good motel, I parked the car. It was her turn to decide what we will eat. Yes, we decide what we both eat on a rotational basis every time we go out. She looked at with that expression. It’s that expression when she is feeling lazy. It was my cue, that I have to order dinner today. Luckily I knew the speciality of the place. I ordered and we waited. She was holding my hand and with her index finger was making circles on my hand. I leaned ahead and kissed on her forehead.

The food was amazing as it was selected by me. It could have been awesome had it been selected by My Girl. We paid the bill. While going out I winked at her. She knew I was craving for something sweet. She kissed me at grabbed my hand. We went to the Ice cream parlour. She ordered blueberry muffins and I ordered butterscotch.

We were just looking at each other for the whole time. We didn’t realize our ice creams were melting at the rate of knots as it was hot outside. We finished eating the ice creams and hoped into the car. She was right there smiling at me. It made me feel good. We went back to home and like inseparable we are, we slept in each other’s arms.

Another beautiful day ends in Wonder Land.



Gaurav Gupta



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