This is my first dream that I can remember after coming back home.
As far as I can remember, I am in Nagpur. I can say it confidently as I can see lots of oranges around. So, we are in the city of oranges. We are here for someone’s wedding. For the first part of the dream, I don’t know whose wedding it was. But I am here with my best friends. We all giggling and cracking jokes. Suddenly, I realise Sexy is missing. Oh God, we are here for Sexy’s wedding.
Can’t imagine Sexy is getting married and this time, it’s for real. Don’t particularly remember the bits and pieces. But all of us are in wedding clothes. Suddenly, Ash exclaimed. Sexy was walking towards the wedding place. In a beautiful wedding dress. All matching accessories and pretty heavy makeup. Sexy was indeed looking sexy. She was surrounded by her brothers and sisters who were walking her through the aisle. She reached where the groom and priest were waiting for her. All were happy.
Suddenly a girl came running through the door. Dressed very plainly and no makeup. She was shouting something, which I don’t remember now. She went ahead straight towards the bride and groom. There she went and gave a tight slap to the groom. Everybody was surprised, even I was shocked. I secretly wanted Sexy to marry me. But today I was happy that she was marrying a boy of her own choice. So, yes I was shocked when that girl slapped the boy.
The girl started crying. She started crying profusely. Everybody tried to console her. Offered her chair and water. She sat down. Breathed a sigh of relief. Then came the big revelation. She revealed “The groom was cheating on her. She was 2 months pregnant with the groom’s child” Everybody was shell shocked to hear that. Now Sexy’s mother started crying.
I was feeling hilarious and concerned at the same moment. Hilarious because of the way Sexy’s mother was crying and concerned for Sexy. Even Sexy has tears in her eyes. I know Sexy is a strong woman. But it was too much even for her to handle.
Suddenly everyone started to get up and leave. It was very weird. Instead of consoling the bride’s family everyone was leaving.
Then Sexy’s dad came up and said “Is there any young man who wants to marry her daughter? If her daughter agrees they will be married right here”. These words were like music to my ears. Everybody, there was again shell shocked.
Don’t know how I raised my hand. Sexy gave a weird glance at me. Her dad called me to the stage. He turned towards Sexy to ask her for her opinion. She nodded. This has to be my Lucky day.
In a weird twist of event, Sexy did got married but to me. the next part of the dream is very shady. All I can remember is I am waiting in an airport with Sexy to go for our honeymoon, but then my alarm rang.
I was awake and in despair that such a beautiful dream has to end because I have to go to the office. I was happy all the day. 😛
P.S – This is a work of fiction, which is not related to any real characters.
Gaurav Gupta

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