Welcome back to WonderLand

It’s another rainy day in Pangalore. It’s also the lazy weekend. Time is 10 AM in the morning. I and My Girl are laying down on the bed. I am cuddling her. I love cuddling her. In half sleep, I said to her “Baby please wake up“. We had to to do many household chores. We had to clean the place up. We had to cook our brunch. We had a dozens bill who were demanding our attention.
Gently she woke up. Tuck her hair behind her ears. Make a beautiful ponytail. And got up from bed. The most beautiful sight ever. I was just looking at her mesmerized. I just wish that time stops there and then.
We had our brunch. I cooked her pancakes. We were still talking about our plan for the rest of the day. Suddenly, she said, “Let’s go out for a movie“. I nodded in acceptance.
We went for the latest Hollywood action movie. We ordered drinks and popcorn. The movie was going on great. It had some action, some romance but very little logic. There was a horror scene as well. My Girl just clutch my arm. Her hold on my arm was strong. She must have been very scared. Usually, I am one who gets scared and cry after an emotional scene. But I was liking it. She drew closer to me. Rest her head on my shoulder.
I have no idea what came over me and I kissed her forehead. I didn’t stop kissing her. I kissed her cheeks, went towards the neck and the put gentle kiss on her lips. Though it was dark in the movie hall. I could see that expression on her face. The expression that she makes before we make love. I was stumped at her boldness. For me, it was a stupid idea. But she clutches my arm even harder. It was the indication that I have no choice. I simply nodded in acceptance.
We went out of the movie hall. The question was where? She pointed towards the restroom. I said nervously “We can be caught“. She just grabbed my arm and pulled. I was also liking it. The idea of doing it in the public place and risk of getting caught was throwing me over the edge. We went to the ladies restroom. We picked one partition. I was standing there, so was she. She just came upon me. We started kissing. I was clumsy in my kissing. I was kissing everywhere. Neck, cheeks, lips. Biting her ear. She kept pulling me closer. She just unbuttoned my shirt. Pulled her top away. I unhooked her bra. She opened my jeans.
Suddenly we heard flush in one of the adjacent stalls. We stopped. Is it interval? Who is there? All these questions come flooding to my mind. We kept quite for some time till we were assured that there was no one.
We burst into laughter. It was a loud laughter. After laughing out loud for a while. We picked ourselves up. Got dressed properly and left the place.
We were still laughing in the car while our way back home.
We came back home. Ordered Chinese food and had some wine. And continued from where we left in the restroom.
With this, another beautiful day ends in Wonderland.
P.S – I can’t share those details as they are not appropriate for public reading 😛
Gaurav Gupta

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