The Distance

I was eagerly waiting for it to ring. Continuously looking at the screen to lighten up. Each passing moment just adding to my nervousness. I was getting impatient. The phone was just not ringing. To take my mind off the situation I went out for a jog.

When I returned, there were two miss calls. I splashed through to my call history. My Girl called twice. I hastily called back. Her phone was now switched off. Through that, I know that her flight has landed. But I didn’t know how she is? Was the flight ok? Did she get the taxi? Where is she now?

I was just dying to hear her voice. I can’t bear her away from me even for a minute and there she was on a nine-hour long flight. The wait was getting longer. Every time I tried to call, the phone came switched off. It was adding to my anxiety.

My Girl has gone to London for a business trip. Though it was only a three weeks long trip. I didn’t want her to go. I didn’t want her to leave my sight even for a single day. But she insisted. It was important for her work.

I was still trying to contact her but all my efforts were futile. The phone was continuously coming switched off. I was in no shape to cook the dinner. So I ordered some Chinese takeaway. Amidst the desire to talk to her, I almost forgot about the dinner and don’t know when just dozed off.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, my sleep was disturbed by the ring of my phone. It was her. Finally. It was her. I picked up the call.

My Girl : Sorry baby, Sorry. the battery of my phone just ran out. I have just checked in the hotel and charged my phone to call you.

I bombarded her with so many questions.

Me : How are you? Did you eat something? Are you tired? How was the flight?

We spent next two hours talking over the phone, and I didn’t realize it was sunrise. After a while of saying good night and goodbye, I kissed the speaker in hope that my love would reach her via the telephone lines. She giggled. Said good night to me.

Our relationship started over long distance calls, so it was not new to us. We were in two different continents when we met online.

P.S –  I knew it was again time for us to be in a long distance relationship again. But thank god, it’s was only for three weeks.


Gaurav Gupta



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