No No No No

As you all know My Girl has gone for a business trip to London, therefore we are on skype most of the time to be with each other. God bless the person who invented video calls. I am not physically with My Girl but she still feels to be with me when we are on skype.

Last night after 3 hours of skype:

Me : So?

My Girl : Good night 🙂

Me : No, let’s talk some more time.

MG : No, let’s cut the call.

Me : You cut the call.

MG : No, you cut the call.

Me : Don’t cut the call. 😛

Giggles all over the call. She kept on saying bye in her sweet voice and kept on saying no. We didn’t cut the call for another hour. Don’t know when she dozed off listening to me chatter.

I also don’t remember when I fell to sleep. When I woke up, the call was still ON. I said “Hello”. My Girl in a fruity voice replied “Good Morning”.

Giggles all over the call again. After chatting for another half an hour we finally said goodbye.

Oh! I just love her voice. It turns my bad day into a good day. It gives me joy, happiness, pleasure all at the same time. I think I can’t survive without listening to her voice.

P.S – I just love My Girl’s voice 🙂


Gaurav Gupta


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