Saturday Recap

It was a warm morning in Delhi. I got up at 3 AM in the morning. My cab for the airport was on 4.30 AM. There were no emotions for the trip. I got ready. The cab came, dropped me to the airport. After routine checks, I was waiting at the terminal gate for my flight. As I have to get up quite early in the morning, I was feeling very sleepy. I was sleeping throughout the flight. I missed my breakfast as well.

I landed in Bangalore on time. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I was filled with nostalgia. For the first time when I landed in Bangalore on 1st November 2015, I was about to meet My Girl for the first time. I was super excited then. On Saturday, I was again suddenly very emotional. I got out of the airport. I saw the shop, Katti Zone. It was the same shop in front of which I saw My Girl for the first time. She was jumping up and down seeing me. I sat there for some time. I was supposed to check in the hotel, but I choose not to. Instead, I went to a restaurant named Adyar Ananda Bhawan (A2B) near the airport. It was the very same place, where I and My Girl had our first tea together. I could imagine her sitting in front of me. Smiling at me with that same innocent face. There were tears rolling down my eyes.

I decided to visit her home. Though I had visited her home only once. I clearly remembered the way around. I guided the cab driver. I was in front of her home. I reached out of the window to see if there was anyone in the balcony. There was no one. Nothing has changed in that locality in last 10 months. I was imagining her standing in the balcony and waving at me.

By this time I was feeling very hungry. So I decided to go to MTR restaurant for some brunch. It is the very same restaurant that she bring me to have my brunch last year. I ordered the same things that I ate last year with My Girl. Maybe I was just trying to relive all the moments that I have spent with My Girl in Bangalore. After a very long time, there was a bright smile on my face. I was happy from the core of my heart. Even though, she was not with me. Her memories were tingling my brain and all those happy moments were doing a chemical reaction with my body. In that very moment, I just wanted to dance.

I had come to Bangalore for a friend’s wedding reception. So I quickly go to the restaurant’s washroom and changed my attire according to the occasion.

My Girl was also supposed to be part of the wedding reception. So the possibility that I could finally meet her after such a long time was making me go weak on my knees. I reached the designated place a bit early around 4 PM. There was nobody there. I just sat there. Around 5.30 PM my friend and her husband arrived. She was visibly very happy. She was the center of attraction that night. She went in for her bridal makeup while I was chit chatting with her husband and her father.

The event started on time at 7 PM and guest started to trickle in. They were queuing beside the stage to meet the bride and groom. Present their gifts, get their photographs clicked and then going ahead for dinner.

My eyes were constantly searching for My Girl. I was really excited that I was finally going to see her. I looked at the clock. It was 7.15 PM. I thought that event started so long back, where is My Girl. I was starting to get impatient. The clock struck 7.45 PM and there was still no signs of My Girl. The guests were continuously rolling in. Giving their presents and getting their photographs clicked and leaving the scene.

By 8.15 PM the hall was empty. Very few close relatives remain. My hopes of seeing My Girl were dashed. There were tears in my eyes again. I got up. Went to the stage. Shook hands with bride and groom (I have already given my gift to them), get my picture clicked and starting to leave. I was hungry but was in no mood to have dinner. For some stupid reason, I just sat there. I sat there for some time. At 9.10 PM when looked at the door for once final time, I saw My Girl. First, I thought I was imagining her like the way I was doing for the whole day. But then I realised it was not my imagination. Actually, it was My Girl, standing right in front of me. I was so happy. I just wanted to go and hug her so tight, that she could never leave me.

I was seeing her after 293 days or after 9 months, 19 days. My Wait was finally over.

P.S – How the rest of the conversation unfolded between me and My Girl will be narrated in Saturday Recap Part -2.


Gaurav Gupta


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