Rain Driving

Yes, you have read it right. Rain Driving. It’s raining in Delhi.


Monsoon is awesome. Time for a hot cup of tea with friends. Feeling the cold wind blowing through, and the amazing weather. What else you need in life?
Driving in this awesome weather at empty Delhi roads is the best thing. Listening to some soft music with a smile on the face.
I am falling in love with this weather. Most of the time when I come from office or I go to the office, it’s raining. Though sometimes I do face traffic as well, but then that’s fine.
I am thoroughly enjoying my rain driving. 🙂
P.S – Would like to apologize to all those who might think I am an idiot on the road. I have started driving again after almost a year. So it will take me some time to come back in top Delhi driving form. Please bear with me. 😛
Gaurav Gupta