This is Me!!

This Cactus has literal thorns and I have metaphorical thorns!!


Gaurav Gupta


What do I want to do

What do I want to do is lay my head in your lap and sleep like a child. Because with you I feel safe, I feel everything is alright.

What do I want to do is play with hairs for hours. They are perfect just like you.

What do I want to do is lay with you under open sky counting stars and talking my heart out. Because with you I can be myself.

What do I want to do is to know you more. I want to spend rest of my breaths unravelling the mystery that is you.

What do I want to do is not to share you with anyone. I want to spend all my time with you because one life time is not enough.

What do I want to do is live this adventure called life with you. Together Forever. ❤

My Girl, I Love You and I need you. ❤ Please come back.


Gaurav Gupta


Love is a Sham Concept

Yes, as the title suggest. Love is a sham concept. Hollow, untrue and a complete hoax. There is nothing as true love. All of us are mean, selfish and self-centered. We love a person until we have some purpose. Purpose solved or lost then love disappears.

I know My Girl doesn’t read my blogs. Actually, no one reads my blogs. But yes some years down the line, I would like My Girl to read these blogs and know that I won’t be able to forgive myself for hurting her. But she has also hurt my feelings equally. Has broken me to last possible piece. Has destroyed all my beliefs.

I thought love is the most beautiful feeling, the purest emotion. But for me, it has now become the most painful thing. It has made me cried all night, has pained me to an extent that now I even don’t recognise myself. I hate people who say they are in love. I hate happy couples roaming around. I hate happy families. I hate happiness.

There is something I want to say to My Girl.

I know I made a mistake, but I never cheated you. You were, you are and you will always remain My Girl. I hope you get all the happiness in life. But, I will never be able to forgive you for the way you treated me. I used to get drunk, only so that I can tell you my feelings. Tell you how much you mean to me. You have stripped me of my happiness, my dignity, my self-respect. I have begged you to come back to me. Your ego has ruined me.

I used to be a perfect little boy. Not very emotional and carefree. You changed me into a monster. You filled me with hatred. Your reality has poked a hole in the bubble of my happiness.

I will come and meet you on 24th. That will be our last meeting. I will come not to beg you or say anything. I will come only to see you and hear your voice one last time.

I don’t know if I care for you or hate you. But thanks to you no one will ever see my good side again. I will truly become a monster that you perceive me to be. I will destroy all good things that have ever happened to me. I will punish myself for trusting you forever.



Gaurav Gupta