Diary Entry 07.01.2017

Today I had my first guitar class which was not so good. Apparently, my music is not melodious. But my teacher said that “Everybody is not Sachin Tendulkar and can’t score six in the first ball”. He sees potential in me 🙂

Then I had to rush towards the office.

It’s a weekend in Office!!

Yes, Dear Diary, today is Saturday and I am working in the office. From the very beginning, I am feeling sleepy. I reached office around 1 PM and head straight for the lunch. It was a heavy lunch and from that point onwards I am feeling sleepy.

Then the frustrating part was my code wasn’t working. You must be thinking when does my code works 😀

After a while, I thought of having a tea break. While having tea for some reason all those old memories of QUE project came rushing back to me. All those meetings, all those late night coding marathons, my meeting with My Girl over Skype call. All those happy memories made my jaw broadened and lips wide.

I came back with a fabulous coding idea, Implemented it and ‘EUREKA’, my code is working again. Feeling like the king again. My Girl is my lucky charm. Even when she is not physically present with me she is still helping me out by coming to me in my memories and making me happy and a better person.

Dear Diary, I want some day My Girl to read all my blogs and know that my feelings for her are for real and no matter how long it will take for her to change her decision, I will wait for her. She is mine and only mine, for all her lifetime and beyond that in every other life.

And now I am signing off from office with a satisfied end of the day 🙂

Thanks, Dear Diary for listening about my day 🙂


Gaurav Gupta




Happy New Year

After a spending time for a week, it was time for me to say goodbye. This is the part which I hate the most, saying goodbye. The past week has been fun. We had gone out to dinners, gone out on movies, had a really long drive. We also had our pizza night and then pizza fight. Now it’s time to go back to our life’s.

My Girl has to resume work in her London office and I had to be back in Delhi.

Sitting together in the car, outside the airport. The silence prevails. Neither I or My Girl said anything for a while. The thought of being away from My Girl gripped my mind. There were no words coming out of my mouth.

After a while breaking the silence My Girl said “So?”

Me: So?

MG: Don’t worry, I will be back in a couple of months.

I said “Hmm” and my head just dropped down. My eyes were wet. My Girl reached out, with a gentle touch she uplifts my chin. I could see even her eyes were wet. I was just looking in her eyes. So beautiful, so deep. Like they were trying to assure my sinking heart that everything will be fine. We will be together soon.

I just wanted her to stop me from going. I just wanted her to tell me to stay. I just wanted to drop everything and stay with her. I just didn’t want to leave her.

I wanted to sing a song for her.

Like the season’s first snow, you are falling on my heart.

My heart is melting and my world is changing.

But in that moment when I wanted to just encapture all her beauty all I could faintly murmur “I Love You” ❤

We hugged. I felt both of us were just melting in each other’s embrace. Nothing could separate us. I took a bite of her luscious lips. My Girl kissed back. I didn’t want that moment to end. I just wanted to be in her arms forever.

As the time for my flight drew nearer, My Girl drives us to the dropping point. I picked my luggage and got out of car. I hugged her. I hugged her tight, never wanting to let her go. After some time, I kissed her forehead and said the most difficult goodbye.

I said goodbye with a renewed hope that in few months time she will be back and we will be together again.

I Love You.  I miss You. ❤


Gaurav Gupta



Happy Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, I say. Merry Christmas she says. We kissed each other. Holding each other so tightly, never wanting to be apart. We could faintly hear the giggles of the people passing by but we were so engrossed in each other that we didn’t care.

From a long time, I was planning this surprise. On the eve of Christmas, I was there in front of her home in London. I rang the bell. In half sleep, still rubbing her eyes My Girl opened the door. Our eyes meet, our lips broadened and extending our arms we hugged. Even in this cold weather, I was feeling warm. She was happy and surprised at the same time. Her expression was priceless. Her smile was awesome.

She had so many questions. How? When? Why?

All I could mutter was “I Love You” ❤

She hugged me and we kissed.

I couldn’t get enough of her. I was tired and exhausted after travelling 24 hours but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted the ache. I wanted her, all the time. Her weight on top of me. I wanted to squeeze further and further in her. I wanted to watch her face. I wanted her sweat to drop onto me. I wanted to drop mine on her. I got on top of her. I’d never done it before. I couldn’t really believe it, I was doing this. I was inventing something. I held her and put it inside her. I felt deep in her. I’ll never forget it. I was in charge and she liked it. I held her hands down. She pretended she was trying to break free. She let her tits touch my face. She went mad as I bucked. I pushed down. I couldn’t believe it. One of her fingers flicked over my bum. I did it to her. She lifted and heaved. I couldn’t believe it. There was no end to it, no end to the new things. She did something. I copied her. I did something. She did it back. I took her from behind. She pushed back, forced more of her into me. I sucked her. She licked me. She made me come on her stomach. I sucked her toes. The whole room rocked.

Now, here we were in the mall of London. Two souls deeply in love with each other that we don’t care about anyone and just kissing and fondling each other.

I Love You, My Girl. I Love You for the way you smile. I love you for the way you make me feel happy. I Love You because no one can complete me the way you do.

Happy Christmas My Girl. Stay Happy. Stay Smiling 🙂

Gaurav Gupta

No No No No

As you all know My Girl has gone for a business trip to London, therefore we are on skype most of the time to be with each other. God bless the person who invented video calls. I am not physically with My Girl but she still feels to be with me when we are on skype.

Last night after 3 hours of skype:

Me : So?

My Girl : Good night 🙂

Me : No, let’s talk some more time.

MG : No, let’s cut the call.

Me : You cut the call.

MG : No, you cut the call.

Me : Don’t cut the call. 😛

Giggles all over the call. She kept on saying bye in her sweet voice and kept on saying no. We didn’t cut the call for another hour. Don’t know when she dozed off listening to me chatter.

I also don’t remember when I fell to sleep. When I woke up, the call was still ON. I said “Hello”. My Girl in a fruity voice replied “Good Morning”.

Giggles all over the call again. After chatting for another half an hour we finally said goodbye.

Oh! I just love her voice. It turns my bad day into a good day. It gives me joy, happiness, pleasure all at the same time. I think I can’t survive without listening to her voice.

P.S – I just love My Girl’s voice 🙂


Gaurav Gupta

The Distance

I was eagerly waiting for it to ring. Continuously looking at the screen to lighten up. Each passing moment just adding to my nervousness. I was getting impatient. The phone was just not ringing. To take my mind off the situation I went out for a jog.

When I returned, there were two miss calls. I splashed through to my call history. My Girl called twice. I hastily called back. Her phone was now switched off. Through that, I know that her flight has landed. But I didn’t know how she is? Was the flight ok? Did she get the taxi? Where is she now?

I was just dying to hear her voice. I can’t bear her away from me even for a minute and there she was on a nine-hour long flight. The wait was getting longer. Every time I tried to call, the phone came switched off. It was adding to my anxiety.

My Girl has gone to London for a business trip. Though it was only a three weeks long trip. I didn’t want her to go. I didn’t want her to leave my sight even for a single day. But she insisted. It was important for her work.

I was still trying to contact her but all my efforts were futile. The phone was continuously coming switched off. I was in no shape to cook the dinner. So I ordered some Chinese takeaway. Amidst the desire to talk to her, I almost forgot about the dinner and don’t know when just dozed off.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, my sleep was disturbed by the ring of my phone. It was her. Finally. It was her. I picked up the call.

My Girl : Sorry baby, Sorry. the battery of my phone just ran out. I have just checked in the hotel and charged my phone to call you.

I bombarded her with so many questions.

Me : How are you? Did you eat something? Are you tired? How was the flight?

We spent next two hours talking over the phone, and I didn’t realize it was sunrise. After a while of saying good night and goodbye, I kissed the speaker in hope that my love would reach her via the telephone lines. She giggled. Said good night to me.

Our relationship started over long distance calls, so it was not new to us. We were in two different continents when we met online.

P.S –  I knew it was again time for us to be in a long distance relationship again. But thank god, it’s was only for three weeks.


Gaurav Gupta


Welcome back to WonderLand

It’s another rainy day in Pangalore. It’s also the lazy weekend. Time is 10 AM in the morning. I and My Girl are laying down on the bed. I am cuddling her. I love cuddling her. In half sleep, I said to her “Baby please wake up“. We had to to do many household chores. We had to clean the place up. We had to cook our brunch. We had a dozens bill who were demanding our attention.
Gently she woke up. Tuck her hair behind her ears. Make a beautiful ponytail. And got up from bed. The most beautiful sight ever. I was just looking at her mesmerized. I just wish that time stops there and then.
We had our brunch. I cooked her pancakes. We were still talking about our plan for the rest of the day. Suddenly, she said, “Let’s go out for a movie“. I nodded in acceptance.
We went for the latest Hollywood action movie. We ordered drinks and popcorn. The movie was going on great. It had some action, some romance but very little logic. There was a horror scene as well. My Girl just clutch my arm. Her hold on my arm was strong. She must have been very scared. Usually, I am one who gets scared and cry after an emotional scene. But I was liking it. She drew closer to me. Rest her head on my shoulder.
I have no idea what came over me and I kissed her forehead. I didn’t stop kissing her. I kissed her cheeks, went towards the neck and the put gentle kiss on her lips. Though it was dark in the movie hall. I could see that expression on her face. The expression that she makes before we make love. I was stumped at her boldness. For me, it was a stupid idea. But she clutches my arm even harder. It was the indication that I have no choice. I simply nodded in acceptance.
We went out of the movie hall. The question was where? She pointed towards the restroom. I said nervously “We can be caught“. She just grabbed my arm and pulled. I was also liking it. The idea of doing it in the public place and risk of getting caught was throwing me over the edge. We went to the ladies restroom. We picked one partition. I was standing there, so was she. She just came upon me. We started kissing. I was clumsy in my kissing. I was kissing everywhere. Neck, cheeks, lips. Biting her ear. She kept pulling me closer. She just unbuttoned my shirt. Pulled her top away. I unhooked her bra. She opened my jeans.
Suddenly we heard flush in one of the adjacent stalls. We stopped. Is it interval? Who is there? All these questions come flooding to my mind. We kept quite for some time till we were assured that there was no one.
We burst into laughter. It was a loud laughter. After laughing out loud for a while. We picked ourselves up. Got dressed properly and left the place.
We were still laughing in the car while our way back home.
We came back home. Ordered Chinese food and had some wine. And continued from where we left in the restroom.
With this, another beautiful day ends in Wonderland.
P.S – I can’t share those details as they are not appropriate for public reading 😛
Gaurav Gupta


It’s really hard to let somebody go. The person you crave for, the person you need so badly, the person that makes you complete, the person who understands you.

I am not ready to let that somebody go. Also, I now have accepted that somebody doesn’t want me anymore. Yes, that somebody is My Girl. So I have convinced myself of two things, first that My Girl is no more mine in the real world and second that there is nothing as such love. Love is just a tool that people use to make a fool out of others.

So I am creating a Wonder Land for myself situated in Panglore. Where I can be with My Girl in my fantasy. I am hoping this will satisfy my craving for her. The need to see her will be subdued and My Girl can complete me in my Wonder Land.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, I and My Girl are on a long drive. Wanting to just escape the hustle of city life and be alone with each other. My Girl looks at me with a cute smile, as always just pulled my hair and then rested her head on my shoulder. The most awesome feeling ever to be with the person whom you care about the most.

My Girl : “I am hungry. Let’s stop somewhere and eat something”

I was also very hungry, I nodded in acceptance. Finding a good motel, I parked the car. It was her turn to decide what we will eat. Yes, we decide what we both eat on a rotational basis every time we go out. She looked at with that expression. It’s that expression when she is feeling lazy. It was my cue, that I have to order dinner today. Luckily I knew the speciality of the place. I ordered and we waited. She was holding my hand and with her index finger was making circles on my hand. I leaned ahead and kissed on her forehead.

The food was amazing as it was selected by me. It could have been awesome had it been selected by My Girl. We paid the bill. While going out I winked at her. She knew I was craving for something sweet. She kissed me at grabbed my hand. We went to the Ice cream parlour. She ordered blueberry muffins and I ordered butterscotch.

We were just looking at each other for the whole time. We didn’t realize our ice creams were melting at the rate of knots as it was hot outside. We finished eating the ice creams and hoped into the car. She was right there smiling at me. It made me feel good. We went back to home and like inseparable we are, we slept in each other’s arms.

Another beautiful day ends in Wonder Land.



Gaurav Gupta