My Breakfast


I Love it. Poha (flattenedĀ rice) and one cup of hot tea. The best breakfast ever. Yes in the bright Tuesday morning, when the sun is out in its full glory. What better way to start the day.

Yes again like all the previous dishes as well this one is taught to me by my mother. But this dish is dear to me for one more reason. The first time I met My Girl, she bought Poha cooked with her own hands. Though the taste was a bit up and down due too many spices but it was the best Poha of my life. After a twelve hour flight, I landed at the airport and when I met her for the first time she had bought Poha for me. The gesture was all the more special as she did it on my special demand.

Coming back to my breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed eating Poha and a hot cup of tea for breakfast in the morning. And as it was my first time preparing it, so the taste was extra good. I think my cooking skills are gradually improving. I now have the basic understanding of what spices to be used and in what amount to be used. The dishes prepared by me for the very first time are appreciated by my housemates.

I am happy today eating the Poha and remembering my first meeting with My Girl. šŸ™‚

Happy cooking fellow bloggers and readers.

P.S – Inbox me if anyone wants theĀ recipe of the dish.


Gaurav Gupta