Broken Pieces

There are some broken poems I wrote for My Girl. She doesn’t care anymore. Can someone tell me what to do with them?


It’s a lonely and dark feeling when

someone you care about becomes a total stranger.


Another one:

A year has passed, A lot must have changed she thought.

But when their eyes met, nothing is changed they realised.


This one is not a poem but a situation.

The few times I was brave enough to send her a message, we started with a bland ‘hello’ and ended some three messages down with an ‘I’m busy. I’ll text you tomorrow.’ And I used to cry afterwards wondering if she was the very person I used to talk to for hours once upon a time.


This next one is just sad me talking to me.

There comes a time when you just stop searching for that one person because you know your heart has already found them. Even though they are not with you, they don’t belong to you, they love somebody else or sometimes they don’t even know that you love them. But in this life, you feel your eyes will not search for anyone else anymore. And when they are gone you just sit back and cherish those moments when you were with them. It’s a strange part of destiny when you meet that person, there is something in the universe which conspires to bring you close to that person, and from there on you realize that everything you have, you just want to share it with them, in short they become your universe and everything starts to revolve just around them.

If anybody knows what to do with them then do let me know.


Gaurav Gupta




Monster – That I am

Slowly, piece by piece, you gave yourself to me. And I — a monster, dressed with smile — accepted you.

You carried your flaws with grace around me, after all, you believed I outshined them. You felt safe around me. Holding my hand, resting your head on my shoulder, it gave you the comfort you always dreamed of. You let me turn your cold heart warm. And you let me explore those dreamy lips, too, whilst you smiled and breathed heavily. And between all the choices you had, you decided to choose me, after all, I made you not think about any other choice.
What you and I shared, the long talks, the never-ending kisses, exploring our ‘wanderland’, were simple, adorable things. But along the way, somewhere, they meant a world to both of us, and they will be one of the moments that rewind in front of my eyes before I rest in peace.

And I was lucky, you know? To have a forever. To make all those experiences with you.
And I loved you, truly. I did. Maybe, I still do, deep down, but you don’t be bothered, because I am cold, like you. And, I don’t trust love anymore. How can I? It is something that is there one second, alive and spreading happiness and the other… it just fades away. Absent. Gone. Taking away all those happy moments. Happiness.

Being in love with you is to know that I have to cherish our memories, every moment. And knowing, what I’ll with you, it is something I can’t have with anyone.

Maybe you were just a piece of this jigsaw puzzle, I couldn’t understand. Or you were just the puzzle I could never complete, or lost its pieces. And honestly, I am thankful to be a part of your world. Even if I can’t be a part of it anymore, I will just look at you from a distance.

Remember the letters? Somewhere, I filled it with longer, lasting posts, and hoped one day, I would pass it on to our kids. Well, that is a hope not coming true. A tale for another time.

I know you don’t believe me, but still I love to write to you, about you and hoping I struck a chord, in the end, is the best part, you know? But most importantly, I just stand by the door to my heart, waiting for you to knock one more time, so I can peep out, and let your face sink in, once again.

The Monster – That I am. I ruined everything.


Gaurav Gupta

Some Times

Some Times, I just imagine you. A beautiful aura inside my head. At Times when I am sad, I see you in people, I try to hear you in a song, and I feel you in the wind as it brushes my hair, and I look at the empty sky.

Some Times, well most of the times, I wonder what went wrong? What separated us into you and me, two different souls. Once inseparable, and now parallel to each other. Never going to end up, together.

Some Times, I write about you. Some Times I write to you, hoping you still read my words, and not scroll down reading my name. I wonder if at all it moves you from the inside, because it moves me, every time. Wonder if you know these are just not fiction, but for you.

Some Times, I wonder, what it would have been? If we would have been together? If all had been worked out by us.

Some Times, I just want to give up. To be gone. To be left alone. To set me free. Isn’t that a good thing? Being myself for once? But I wonder, will I be complete without you?

But I know, someday you will be back, and that’s when I have to be there for you. So Some Times, I just think about those happy days, when we will be together, yet again.


P.S – This poem is dedicated to My Girl.


Gaurav Gupta

Dinner Date

It was a hectic day at work. A lot of work pressure. But somehow I managed to finish all the pending issues on time and I reached home on time. I thought My Girl would have been home by now and I would take her out for a romantic dinner date.

To my surprise, she was still not home. Maybe her day at the office was also heavy. What should I do now? I got a killer idea. If we can’t go out then I can cook something for her myself.

I prepared my famous sweet corn soup. We have wine and for supper, I cooked pasta. For dessert, we can have dairy milk chocolate. All set, I just have to wait for My Girl now.

I don’t know when I fall asleep waiting for her. When I woke up I realized someone was caressing my hair. Still half asleep I try to open my eyes. It was My Girl. She was standing right beside me and gently playing with my hair. I looked at her face. She was looking gorgeous as ever. Then I looked at the wall clock. It was 1 AM. Before I could ask anything, she kept her finger on my lips. I kissed her finger naughtily.

She has already seen all the preparations I had done for her. She was looking at me continuously and was smiling at the same time.Words didn’t matter in this beautiful moment

Words didn’t matter in this beautiful moment. Our eyes were talking. I poured her the wine. We had our meals together. Out of nowhere she hugged me tight. I hugged her back. That was a very beautiful moment.

This is me and my perfect dinner date with My Girl.

We all fight many battles every day. Battles at the workplace. Career battles, financial battles. Health issues and what not. I also do. But from morning to evening after all these hassles when I come home and see that My Girl is waiting for me. Smiling looking at me. It gives me energy and motivation to continue and overcome all the challenges next day.

P.S – I love you My Girl ❤


Gaurav Gupta

I Miss You

I just wish you were here with me!! Yeah I know I have promised to you that I won’t be sad ever. I have promised you that I would be awesome. But I can’t be strong all the time. I can’t fake it all the time. I can’t pretend it all the time.

Please come back. Please 😦

I love you ❤


Gaurav Gupta